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Tattoo Aftercare

We offer multiple aftercare options, please follow the carefully curated and instructed aftercare recommendations by your artist. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact your artist or the shop directly. Please remember everyone's skin is different in terms of what works or does not work for them, and different tattoos require different healing methods.

For the longevity of your tattoos, ALWAYS use 30+ SPF sunscreen anytime you're in the sun. (Only after healed.)

Please follow the exact aftercare given to you, if you neglect to do so (YES, we can tell!) any touch-ups are the financial responsibility of the client.

General Aftercare

If your Artist has recommended general aftercare, they have most likely wrapped you in plastic wrap or a dry lock pad. We recommend leaving this on anywhere from 2-12 hours. Before ever touching your tattoo while it is healing, always wash your hands first with an antibacterial soap. Once you pull your bandage off, you will need to wash your tattoo with H2Ocean Blue Green Foam Soap or an unscented antibacterial soap. Gently massage soap into the tattoo and wash with warm water to remove any excess ink, blood, plasma, etc. Pat your tattoo dry with a clean paper towel and let air dry for 5-10 minutes. (ABSOLUTELY NO, bath towels, loofahs, wash rags, etc. as these harbor bacteria.) Apply and massage in a VERY THIN coat of Redemption Aftercare, Aquaphor, or an Unscented Lotion. Do this whole process 3-5 times a day for the next 7-10 days until healed. Your tattoo may peel like a sunburn, (and it may itch), DO NOT pick or scratch at your tattoo as this may prematurely pull ink out or cause scarring. Normal showering is okay, but do not submerge your tattoo in any form of water (bath, hot tub, lake, ocean, etc.) while healing. Do not tan, or be exposed to direct sunlight while healing.


If your artist has placed Sani-derm on your tattoo there are two different lymphatic healing methods with it. On smaller tattoos leave the Sani-derm on for 7 days as long as the seal doesn't break. If the seal breaks and any of the tattoo is exposed or any blood, plasma, excess ink, etc. leaks from the Sani-derm, remove the Sani-derm immediately, and follow up with your artist. For larger tattoos, you will leave the Sani-derm on for up to 24 hours or if the seal breaks. You will wash the tattoo thoroughly with Antibacterial Unscented Soap, and pat dry with a clean paper towel. Take rubbing alcohol around the perimeter of the tattoo to remove excess skin oils. You will apply the new piece by removing the white backing of the Sani-derm and placing it on the tattoo, which has been cut by your artist to fit your tattoo. Seal Sani-derm completely on and around the tattoo, press into the tattoo slightly to make sure it is fully sealed, and carefully remove the clear outer layer of plastic. Leave this piece on for 6 days. *Yes, your sani-derm will look like a muddy mess, this is normal, so do not worry! Your Sani-derm is water resistant, you may shower and work out like normal, please refrain from submerging it into water, and sun exposure.*

H2Ocean Ultimate Kit

If you have purchased the Ultimate aftercare kit recommended to you by your artist, please follow the instructions on the card that came with your aftercare kit. Day 1: Apply H2Ocean Blue Green soap to your tattoo. Using your fingertips, briskly wash the tattoo and allow soap to dry. Rinse thoroughly with warm water to ensure all secretions and debris have been cleared from the skin. Repeat 3-4 times per day. After every wash apply a small amount of Ocean Care Cream on your fingertips. Gently apply a thin layer of cream directly on your tattoo until it is completely absorbed. Repeat this step 3-5 times per day. Do not use Ocean Foam on day 1. Day 2: Same as day one and apply a thin layer of Ocean Foam before bed. Day 3 Until Healed: Repeat washing twice daily until healed, use cream several times throughout the day to keep it moisturized, please make sure not to over saturate cream. Use Ocean Foam daily for the life of your tattoo.

Piercing Aftercare

Less is more! Don't touch it, rotate it, or play with your piercing. ​ Do not use any ointments, creams, soaps, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, bactine, bacitracin, betadine, etc. ​ Clean your piercing 2 times a day for one month, when you get out of the shower and before going to bed at night. Rinse off piercing before getting out of the shower to make sure any soap is off. When getting out of the shower, you may clean the area with gauze or a clean paper towel and any crust that comes off freely. Do not pick scabs off. Spray with Steri-Wash or saline, and let dry. ​ Do not let any makeup get near piercing and do not touch it with dirty hands. Always wash hands before touching your piercing. Do not submerge your piercing in any body of water or if you take a bath. Your piercer will go over with you when you will need to downsize your piercing. For Oral Piercings: Rinse mouth with half alcohol free mouthwash, half bottled water for 30- 60 seconds, after breakfast and after dinner. During the day, swish with a cold bottle of water after eating or drinking anything but water. ​ Don't clean your piercing with any ointments, creams, soaps, bactine, bacitracin, betadine, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide. ​ Soak outside of the piercing with saline and let sit after the shower and before bed. Make sure hands are clean before touching piercing. ​ Chew on Ice and cold foods to help with swelling and discomfort. ​ Eat small bites of food and let cool to room temperature before eating and chew directly on molars. Try not to get food near the piercing. ​ Avoid oral sex, alcohol, sloppy kissing, and smoking for 2 weeks while piercing is healing. ​ No pools, lakes, bodies of water, or baths. Do not submerge your piercing. Your piercer will discuss with you when you will need to downsize your piercing. ​ For any additional questions or concerns on your piercing, please reach out directly to your piercer or the shop.

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