Roman Mitchell


Roman is originally from Abingdon, VA and has been tattooing since 2006. He has been featured in multiple tattoo magazines, and documentaries. He has won several tattoo awards from conventions across the Eastern United States. He is a versatile artist, with experience in every style of tattooing, including cover-ups. He enjoys his own take on  american traditional and black and grey realism; although these styles are preferred, he is honored to do whatever style you have in mind. Roman has worked vigorously in his career, and in May 2017 was able to open his own studio.

Travis Delp

Travis Delp is originally from Marion, VA. He has been tattooing since 2006. He became part owner of Guilt Tattoo in its last year. Travis is a humble, family oriented individual, who is an amazing father to 3 beautiful kids; and husband to his soon-to-be wife. Travis is a multiple award winning tattooer. He has worked tirelessly to become a versatile artist who welcomes all styles, including cover-ups. Although, Travis is accomplished is many styles, his favorite are black and grey realism, Neo-traditional, and illustrative/ new school. 

Megan Mitchell


Megan is originally from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She is currently apprenticing under her husband, Roman, starting in August 2017. Her main role at Imperial Tattoo is Shop Manager. Although there is still much to learned in tattooing, she is currently working by appointment only as time allows, putting her main focus first on upholding the studio to high standards, maintaining a professional and comfortable atmosphere, acting as a liaison between clients and artists. She has been featured on WCYB for her animal donation tattoos, where 100% of the profits gets donated to the local animal shelter. 

Matt Richey

Matt is originally from Orange County, California and has tattooed coast to coast for over 25 years, being in Southwest Virginia on and off since 2003; he is a versatile tattooer, with a wide range of experience in realism, blackwork, and designing a custom tattoo you’ll be proud to wear for years to come. Matt no only has “the best eyebrows in the world” but is an established tattooer with multiple publications on his work, we encourage you to check out his portfolio and set up an appointment with him!

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