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Walk ins are welcome, but due to Jason's limited availability, appointments are high suggested to guarantee availability. To schedule, please message Jason directly on Facebook or Instagram. 

Piercing Price List

Please keep in mind, multiple piercings done in the same sitting, on the same client will reduce the price of piercing fees. All piercing prices includes basic, high quality jewelry, and prices will increase depending on jewelry choices. 


All cartilage (Daith, Tragus, Helix, etc) $50+

Lobes $90+

Nostril $65+

Nipples $90+ (just one $55+)

Eyebrow $55+

Septum $50+

Lip/oral $50+

Navel $55+

Genitals $60+

Surface Anchors $65+

Surface Bars $75+

Industrial $50+

Tongue $55+

Bridge $55+

Cheeks $95+ (for the pair)

These are all STARTING prices- We offer many different jewelry options that may increase the price. All of our jewelry is surgical grade titanium or higher quality such as gold. 



2/3 years for Lobes

18+ for Nipples, Genitals, and Surface Barbells

15+ for all Oral Piercings 

13+ for Everything else

For ANY minor (under 18) must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, who must have their government issued photo ID. The minor must have a government issued photo ID and birth certificate or birth certificate and recent school yearbook or a school photo ID.


Jason Mosley

Jason Mosley is a body piercer since 1999. He has worked up and down the East coast from VA, OH, MD, PA, TN, and NC. Jason has many high quality jewelry options and will give you a piercing with versatility. Jason has a strong work ethic and bedside manner to ensure you’re comfortable through the entire process. Jason is well rounded and highly experienced with all piercings. Jason makes sure to give his full attention to every client to ensure a safe, friendly, and knowledgeable experience. We guarantee when getting pierced by Jason, you will experience utmost professionalism from our entire staff to give you the best service possible.

Adrianna Davis

Adrianna is our apprentice piercer. Please contact her, Jason, or the shop directly for discounted apprentice piercings while she is learning.

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